Threatened to kill Pm, wrote on 500 note - your throat

Threatened to kill Pm, wrote on 500 note - your throat ...

 The world once again believed Prime Minister Narendra Modi's iron.  In a poll of the British Herald, Readers has selected PM Modi, the world's most powerful person in the year 2019. Today the fifth International Yoga Day is being celebrated in the whole world.  On this occasion, PM Modi joined the Ranchi in Jharkhand with 40 thousand people.  But recently a shocking news came out.

 PM Modi has been threatened with death.  These threats have been written on 500 rupees notes.  An envelope was found in Devyasom office of Guruvayoor Temple in Thrissur.  There was a five hundred rupees note in this envelope.  The note was written on the threat, "PM Modi will be killed, his throat will be cut off."


 The threat of killing PM Modi was written in Malayalam language.  Intelligence and security agencies have crashed after this case has come to light.  Intelligence agencies are continuing to investigate and trying to find out where this letter came from.


 Let us know that PM Modi went to this temple before going to visit Maldives and Sri Lanka.  After the matter came to light, intelligence and security agencies reviewed PM Modi's security.